by sparrow house

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released 06 March 2007

written, arranged, and recorded by jared van fleet. artwork by cherie weaver. mixed by matt presley and jared van fleet.




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Track Name: heart flood
give up.
Track Name: foxes (sighing like a furnace)
(bye) WHEN I FIND YOU, i will dance in your embrace though the fences with the moon across your face. and when we fall into our winter den below, when the earth begins to slow her spin they'll know... that we are foxes we are coming home again, barking insults to the Hunter and the wind. and we'll escape them, though the fog may blind the sun though the dogs behind us run, our time has come. once i was fixed in a memory. she stretched her arms like a flower, leaning my head toward the morning, to shine with the sun by the hour. and i am hoping you'll remember how i smiled, curled up to you like a lover or a child. you're the letter i have carried through this war, with familiar pages worn, some pages torn. caught in the cold of december, she took my hand in her sleep. kept it from boston to hartford (we all believed we could keep). once i was fixed in a memory: me with my eyes nearly closed, she with her breath on the window, sighing like a furnace to the snow.
Track Name: when i am gone
c'mon take me out--when i am gone you know i'm never coming back, and now there's nothing i can do to change the facts. you know i tried you know i tried. i threw you all i had from the night we sped down congress avenue. i should've known that i was never there with you... i should've known, i should've known! with you i should've known. and so i'm giving you the gun, put your finger to the trigger. take me out, then, in the morning, when we're done dreaming. you were the one who could blind me with a mirror, and i'm blinded and i won't take your time no more. i would have held your cross, but you sealed it in the darkness all alone. did you think that i could roll away the stone? i'm just a child! i'm just a child! you know i tried. i'm just a child. and so i've given you the gun, put your finger to the trigger. take me out, then, in the morning, when we're done dreaming. you caught the sun just to blind me with a mirror. when i'm blinded i won't take your time no more. sister, make my bed. if i'm shot you know i'd hold your hand to die. sit beside me now and promise you won't cry when i am gone, when i am gone. now you won't cry when i am gone.
Track Name: you sang along
remember how she held you when you couldn't make a sound? standing with your silhouettes together on the ground, she caught them with her camera just before you turned around. and in the safety of the fire with the weight of her guitar she would play us our favorite songs, and you sang along. you always sang along. looking at the photograph you wonder, is it real? could the shadow who had loved like that now feel the way you feel? and though you may not want it, let's be honest, it's there still. for in the light, we've seen your face, though you tried to keep it straight. don't be shy! you have always ached so much for love... so much for love. and in the morning there was rain, it woke you pouring through the drain. against your warmth she put her eye on you, and you felt it too. c'mon, you know it's true, you loved her too.
Track Name: blindfold waltz
every time i try to run i know you see me lost among the children spinning me around in circles with a cloth across my eyes. you catch me when my heart is hiding/sliding like the carousel and the projector, how we'll blink and flicker, knowing that our moon'll rise. and oh, we'll never learn. and i turn... and every time you try to tell me that your eyes are open i remember smoking in the park and laughing where we stopped to fall asleep. you pointed out into the sky and with your finger drew our faces in the clouds (and we looked happy living there without our hands and feet). oh love, we never learn. and i turn... toyoutoyoutoyoutoyou. so draw a picture of a girl who's gonna show me everything we push together's just a piece of something that's already disappeared. and draw the boy who comes to see her dancing like the bees are dancing in the nectar--how can he expect her not to sting when he is near? oh love, we never learn. and i turn... toyoutoyoutoyoutoyou. this is the first time i've made up my mind in twenty-one years. whether forgiven or whether i'm blind, i'm still here.
Track Name: last fall
and when the night was closing in, we shut our eyes to hide again. out in the trees, the winter grew--strange we never knew. there is a ring that i have found where we have seen the leaves come circling down: red, gold, and brown, they fell to you. i was falling too.